Bamboo Eco Toothbrush Subscription

A great quality bamboo brush that can be composted when you’re done

  • A great quality bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristles
  • Delivered every 2 months as recommended by dentists
  • A great plastic-free alternative to a normal brush and packaging

From: £2.69 every 2 months

Adult eco toothbrush subscription
Bamboo Eco Toothbrush Subscription


Better for you, your body and the people on this planet.


Better for the earth and the animals that live on it.


Cheaper than you can buy online or in store, delivered.

Making eco easy

We love this bamboo eco toothbrush subscription because it gives you a great clean and when you’re done, just stick them in the food waste bin. Oh and we nearly forget to mention, for every brush you buy, someone in need gets one too. 

Product Details

  • When you are finished using the brush, rip the bristles off and then it can be composted
  • 10% discount when you subscribe with us
  • Charcoal bristles (Adult brush) are shown to inhibit the growth of bacteria by around 50% (study here)
  • The kids brush is the perfect size for little ones – cute! 

Bamboo eco toothbrush subscription

  • Quality: A great quality wooden bamboo brush for Adult and Infants
  • Child’s Play: The smaller brush is designed with kids in mind and can also be purchased on subscription
  • Downsides: A bamboo eco subscription is more costly than a plastic brush from Savers
  • Upsides: Reduce your plastic waste, save a trip to the shop and help others in need
  • Self care: Dentists recommend changing your head every 2 months so we’ve set our subscriptions up like that
  • Charcoal: Studies on these brushes have been shown to hold less bacteria, but they can be more abrasive so if you have weak enamel, we’d recommend not using this brush.
  • The Old Bamboo: Bamboo is a fast-growing crop that doesn’t require harmful pesticides to grow.
  • Farmers not harmers: Brushd. also ensure that their farmers are paid a fair wage, and live and work in safe conditions.

Still not sure? Request a sample

If you are not ready to subscribe just yet, feel free to request some samples of the product by emailing us


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Charcoal Brush, Kid's Brush


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