Compostable Leaf Plates

Unique and beautiful sets of plates and bowls made from leaves, perfect for events and parties

  • Perfect replacement for single-use plastics
  • Easily composted when you are finished
  • Leaves hand-stitched together with bamboo
  • Tapari support community development projects
  • Carbon Neutralised Shipping


sal leaf plates
Compostable Leaf Plates


Better for you, your body and the people on this planet.


Better for the earth and the animals that live on it.


Cheaper than you can buy online or in store, delivered.

Making eco easy

We love these compostable leaf plates from Tapari because they are a beautiful and unique way to serve food. When you are finished you can just put them in your compost bin. That really makes eco easy, doesn’t it? 

Product Details

  • Surprisingly strong and sturdy bowls and plates made from leaves
  • Different sizes to suit your needs – Bowls and Plates from 10cm to 27cm
  • A great way to reduce single-use plastic – they are literally made from plants!
  • Tapari Ltd supports community development projects in Nepal

Compostable Leaf Plates

  • Perfect for Parties: A cool eco-addition to any party or event where you serve food
  • Downsides: They are shipped from Asia and they are quite a lot more expensive than other single-use tableware products (like paper plates)
  • Upsides: They are so unique and just feel like you are doing good for the environment with them
  • Waterproof: They will comfortably hold runny foods like curry but not for more than a couple of hours
  • Cost: They are around 80p per unit for the biggest size, which is a lot more expensive than your standard paper plates
  • Hygienically Approved: They are safe to eat from with the UKAS Hygiene Certification test. (Northern Hygiene Laboratories, 2020) All dishes have been produced hygienically and all leaves are washed before processing
  • Compostable Leaf Plates: Made from Sal Leaves (Shorea Robusta) stitched together with bamboo sticks

Product Options

10cm Mini Bowls (20 Pack) – Perfect for sauces and dips!

mini compostable leaf bowl

15cm Small Bowls (20 Pack) – Perfect for soups, curries, small snacks and side dishes!

small compostable leaf plate

19cm Large Bowls (20 Pack) – Perfect for any meal or snack you would use a bowl for!

large compostable leaf bowl

23cm Plates (20 Pack) – Perfect for any meal you would use a normal plate for!

medium compostable leaf plate

27cm Plates (20 Pack) – Perfect for large meals like Thalis with lots of space for salads and extras!

large compostable leaf plate

How leaf plates are made (See Video)

Collection: Nepalese villagers collect the Sal leaves from the surrounding areas. The leaves are sustainably collected by hand without killing the trees.

collecting Sal leaves

Stitching: They are washed then bamboo fibres are used to stitch the leaves together before being dried.

sal leaves being hand-stitched

Pressing: Using a hydraulic press, the layers of stitched leaves are pressed together to create the product which keeps its shape thanks to the natural oils and robustness of the Sal leaves.

sal leaves being pressed

Finishing: Once the bowls and plates have been machine pressed into shape the edges are cut and the bowls are ready to be packed.

Feedback – Leaf plates

“Ordered these for a birthday picnic on the beach with some uni friends and I was blown away with the quality and feel, they are robust and have a very nice texture, really pleasant to eat off. We had salads in the bowls and even after use they still looked great so I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away, even wiped down a few and kept them for next time!”  – Amazon

Adding Value to a Community in Nepal

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27cm Large Plates, 23cm Medium Plates, 19cm Large Bowls, 15cm Medium Bowls, 10cm Mini Bowls, Combo Pack 5 x Each Size


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