Eco-friendly Soap Bar Subscription

A handmade soap that feels wonderful on your skin as well as eradicating plastic waste.

  • Natural ingredients make it great for our bodies and skin
  • One bar will last one person about a month 
  • Proven results on sensitive skin and certified safe for infants (Avocado)

From: £4.45 every 2 months

Eco-friendly Soap Bar - Avocado and Shea Butter
Eco-friendly Soap Bar Subscription


Better for you, your body and the people on this planet.


Better for the earth and the animals that live on it.


Cheaper than you can buy online or in store, delivered.

Making eco easy

We love this soap. First of all, it is nourishing and wonderful to your skin. Secondly,  it’s plastic free so we are reducing our waste. Furthermore, with our eco soap subscription, you save time and money.

Product Details

Get the best from your eco soap

Our bars don’t have the normal nasty preservatives and chemicals used to hold soap bars together. Therefore, it’s super-important it dries between uses. Add a soap subscription to your basket and get access to our sustainable wooden dish here.

Further Notes

  • Quality: These bars have +1,000 5* reviews on Etsy
  • Multipurpose: Use your eco soap subscription for a body-wash, a hand-wash, a face-wash and a shampoo (Avocado best for this)
  • DownsidesA shower gel bottle is much cheaper than this bar, for instance this one.
  • Sensitive: The Avocado and Shea butter bar works wonders on dermatitis and eczema
  • Packaging: Recyclable kraft wrap, biodegradable string and recyclable tags (even the stickers are recyclable)
  • CertifiedVegan, certified safe for infant use (Avocado)
  • Nasty Chemicals:  Contains no harmful chemicals that are contained in most shampoos and body washes (read more about this here)
  • Supplier: Bean and Boy have great ethics and sustainable practices

Avocado & Shea Butter

Avocado and Shea Butter Unscented Simple Soap is a gentle soap packed with nourishing ingredients. It is kind to delicate skin and certified safe for infant use. Customers suffering with skin conditions, for example eczema or dermatitis, have really benefitted from this product.

Avocado and Shea butter


Lavender has antidepressant, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Lavendar Eco Soap

Tea Tree & Green Clay

Tea Tree oil is used in traditional healing and  French Green clay (Sea clay) is known for its detoxifying benefits. Combined they give you a refreshing fragrance and wonderful clean feeling.

Tea tree and Green Clay Soap

Cedarwood & Vetiver

Cedarwood & Vetiver gives off a woody smell, reminiscent of forest walks. The soap has a layer of moisturising soap in addition to an exfoliating layer. The exfoliating layer is created by ground rose hips.

Cedarwood and Vetivert Wood Feature

Rose Geranium & Pink Clay

Rose Geranium Essential Oil treats problematic skin conditions and helps restore the skin’s natural flawlessness. Pink clay helps to boost the cleansing and detoxifying properties of the soap.

Rose Geranium and Pink Clay

Mixed Eco Soap Subscription

A mix of any of any soap bars or you’d like, just specify at checkout.

Mixed eco soap subscription avocadoMixed eco soap subscription lavender Mixed eco soap subscription rose and pink clayMixed eco soap subscription cedarwoodMixed eco soap subscription green clay and tea tree

I’m still not sure about an eco soap subscription?

If you are not ready to subscribe just yet, feel free to email us for a sample:


Avocado and Shea Butter, Lavender, Tea Tree & Green Clay, Cedarwood & Vetiver, Rose Geranium & Pink Clay, Mixed Selection (Please specify at checkout)


1 Bar every 8 weeks, 1 Bar every 6 weeks, 1 Bar per month, 2 Bars per month (further 5% off), 3 Bars per month (further 10% off), 4 Bars per month (further 15% off), 5 Bars per month (further 20% off)

4 reviews for Eco-friendly Soap Bar Subscription

  1. Shane Messenger (verified owner)

    Great smell and packaging – lasts a good amount of time- 2 adults nearly 3.5 weeks. (we do shower every day i promise)
    Easy to use- lather up a wash puff or flannel and on you go.
    Will be a regular customer

  2. Amy Vincent (verified owner)

    Fabulous soap. Lathers really well and smells lush! Highly recommend.

  3. Eleanor Howard (verified owner)

    Love this soap, I have sensitive skin and this soap is very gentle and doesn’t irritate at all. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and clean. Highly recommend!

  4. Eilidh Petrie (verified owner)

    Really soft on the skin and the soaps smell so lovely. Definitely recommend 😊

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