Laundry Capsule Subscription

The easiest eco laundry capsule on the market.

  • Plastic-free laundry capsules that wash as well as the leading brands
  • Delivered as regularly as you need them through your letter box
  • Save four bottles’ worth of plastic with every delivery


Plastic free laundry capsules
Laundry Capsule Subscription



Better for you, your body and the people on this planet.


Better for the earth and the animals that live on it.


Cheaper than you can buy online or in store, delivered.

Making eco easy

We love SMOL laundry capsules because we think they are the easiest eco-friendly laundry capsule alternative to help reduce your plastic waste (we use them at home!). 

Product Details

  • The plastic-free packaging means that every delivery saves four plastic bottles of waste
  • Proven to perform better than or equal to all the market-leading laundry companies
  • Try them for free with a 100% money back guarantee through our affiliate link
  • Subscriptions are delivered through your letterbox as frequently as you need them


Over 15,000 5* reviews on FEEFO, featured in The Times, The Guardian, Which, Good Housekeeping and many others.

Easiest Eco Laundry Capsule

  • Making Eco Easy: Competitively priced, delivered to your door and great waste reduction
  • Quality: They perform as well as or better than all the leading brands. Good Housekeeping’s rigorous testing said “While these capsules may not be the best choice for keeping whites white, they will certainly keep stains at bay and prolong the colour of your clothes.”
  • Time Saving Subscriptions:  Never think about stocking up again as they are delivered as you need them
  • Cost: At 19p per wash, they are cheaper than most leading brands in most supermarkets. However, while something like Waitrose 3-in-1 pods can cost 30p per wash, we found that Morrison’s have particularly competitive leading brand prices which makes SMOL very similar in cost.
  • Review Analysis: Some of the 1* reviews on FEEFO suggest that the clothes don’t smell amazing when they’ve been washed. We’ve been using SMOL at home for a couple of years and haven’t experienced this at all.
  • Flexibility: You can cancel, pause or change the frequency of your subscription at anytime.
  • Bio vs. Non Bio – WTF?: Yeah, us too. Basically bio contains active enzymes which break down stains, but they are most effective at lower temperatures and work well for quicker washes. This makes them the most eco-friendly, BUT they are known to irritate sensitive skin, so if you have babies, sensitive skin or need to use hot-washes, non-bio is best for you. You can read more on this here.

Still not sure? Try before you buy

You can test a subscription with SMOL for just £1 before you commit. Just make sure you use our affiliate link so we get a kickback!

Affiliate Link – What does it mean?

When you buy a SMOL product via our affiliate link, we get a one off commission of £1.50. To be honest, we could source our own product and make much better margins, but we think SMOL are doing something really good and they really are making eco easy when it comes to laundry capsules. We aren’t recommending their other products right now because we haven’t tested them and there may be better/easier options out there and we’ll make sure we find them.


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