Sustainable Soap Dish

  • Ethically-sourced Hemu wood soap dish 
  • The perfect accompaniment to your Bean & Boy soap bars.
  • Keeps your soap dry so that it lasts as long as possible
  • People: Supports Bean & Boy, a local business in Southend, Essex
  • Planet: Made from ethically-sourced, sustainable Hemu wood 
  • Pocket: 33% cheaper than you can buy direct 


Hemu wood soap dish
Sustainable Soap Dish



Better for you, your body and the people on this planet.


Better for the earth and the animals that live on it.


Cheaper than you can buy online or in store, delivered.

This is an add-on product offered as part of a Soap Bar subscription

Please make sure you have already purchased or have a soap subscription in your basket before trying to purchase. (These products just 50p more than cost price).


Our lovely wooden soap dishes are made from sustainable hemu wood and are the perfect size for your Bean & Boy handmade soap to help keep your soap dry between uses and lasting longer.

Please note that these natural wooden soap dishes are made from wood, so they will need periodical cleaning to ensure that they don’t discolour with regular use. Make sure that your soap dish doesn’t sit in any water or it will start to absorb it!

Our Bean & Boy Wooden Soap Dishes have been ethically-sourced and made from sustainable hemu wood, which is obtained from the Indian Guger Tree. Each dish measures approximately 10 x 6cm.

An investment in your eco-journey. 

Getting the most from your product

  • The soap dish will benefit from occasional oiling with a light oil such as olive oil or sunflower oil to prolong its life and keep it healthy.
  • We have oiled them by hand for you before sending them out so you don’t need to do anything for a while.

Our Promises


  • This product is helping others as it is retails by a local business in Southend which benefits the local economy.

  • This product is ethically sourced and made from sustainable Hemu wood.
  • Bean and Boy have fantastic values and ethical principles (read about them here)

  • This soap dish is being sold for 50p more than cost-price (to cover our costs) so 33% saving for you.


  • Soap Trays are 10x6cm approx
  • Ethically-sourced and made from sustainable hemu wood, which is obtained from the Indian Guger Tree

Bean & Boy (More info here)

  • Use green renewable energy
  • Harvest rainwater for use wherever possible
  • Only source from ethical suppliers
  • Constantly look for ways to reduce their environmental impact
  • Don’t test on animals
  • Only use sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients


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