Waste Saving Spoon

An oddly satisfying waste-saving spoon, that gets you every last bit from your jars

  • Scrape every morsel out of your jars helping you reduce waste
  • A high quality plastic and premium silicone scraping spoon
  • Heat resistant up to 260°C and dishwasher-safe


Mini Waste Saving Spoon
Waste Saving Spoon


Better for you, your body and the people on this planet.


Better for the earth and the animals that live on it.


Cheaper than you can buy online or in store, delivered.

Making eco easy

How can a waste-saving spoon make someone so happy? We don’t know, but it does. The Supoon Mini gets every morsel out of your jar, so you save food wastage, money and get an oddly satisfying experience using it.

Product Details

  • A high quality plastic and premium silicone scraping spoon so it will last for years
  • Flat squidgy tip to scrape every morsel out of the jar and reduce your food waste
  • Heat resistant up to 260°C and dishwasher-safe
  • Sits up when you put it down so you don’t dirty your work surfaces

Waste Saving Spoon

  • Colour: We only offer the sleekest colours, Panatone Blue and Black because we think you’re sleek customers
  • Downsides: It is made of plastic and comes from China
  • Upsides: It really will help you reduce waste and should last a long while
  • Care: Dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 260°C
  • Cost: We can’t compete with Amazon on price just yet, but support a local business and all that jazz. We are cheaper than Lakeland with our free delivery.



If you love Nutella, Jam or Peanut butter – honestly, just try it. Once you’ve bought one yourself, you’ll buy one for all your friends too. You can find reviews everywhere for them – here’s some of our favourite love we found online:


“Honestly, it’s the best part of my day when I reach the end of a jar that needs scraping. This spoon is just so satisfying, I’ve never scraped a jam jar so clean (and it’s a hexagonal jar!) Everyone needs one of these. AT LEAST one!”  – Miss Beasley (Review)


“…They work, save you money and are value for money – the perfect mix of frugality and sustainability. Make the world a better place one scrape at a time. Recommended.” – Mr. Weston (Review)

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Pantone Classic Blue, Black


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